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Dissapointing Service

(Topic created on: 21-12-2022 08:29 AM)
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It is disappointing for company like Samsung to deny service to their devices and considering normal wear and tear and tear as physical damage. 
It is clearly noticed that the device is being used very carefully and with protection on screen and cover to avoid any damage.
The phone has been submitted under warranty and there is been delays from Samsung side attend the complaint . I have visited service centre several times regarding this issue but have been told to contact online to telephonic customer service which i have been trying to followup regularly.
i Request you to kindly take the complaint seriously and provide evidence of what is physically damaged on the device that I'm not been guaranteed service?
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It is unfortunate when a phone needs attention but isn't covered under the Samsung Limited 2 years Manufacturers Warranty.

You will need to follow the advice given and contact Samsung direct.

This is a forum of members discussing Samsung products and providing advice etc.

I wish you all the best @Yugalj 

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