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cover screen widget "contacts"

(Topic created on: 27-09-2022 06:12 PM)

I bought my Flip 3 last week.

No complaints until now.

I can take a call via the cover screen, but I can't start a call via the cover screen.

Although there is a widget called "add contacts" in the list of widgets. 

It says "tap to add contacts". Then it prompts to open your phone and it displays your "contacts"-app. 

Then it explains I should pick a maximum of 3 contacts from the list. 

These 3 are then shown at the top of the list.   Next I close the phone and check the cover screen  : they will never show up on the cover screen. 😕

The cover screen widget will still say "tap to add contacts". So the contacts are not copied to the widget.

I searched the internet and I found one person describing the same problem and finding a solution (you have to delete a "topic"), but the actual steps are left out (I guess on purpose). 

This is clearly a software bug and there must be a way to go around this. I appreciate your help.


Problem is solved !!! 😃

I can start a call from the cover screen now. In order to help the community I 'll try to explain how I managed to  copy 3 contacts to the cover screen widget.  It's still a bit weird though.

When I woke up this morning I turned on the wifi.

I received a message that there was an update available and I downloaded and installed the update. The phone is booted, so I had to use my code and password again.

Then I was curious if this update contained a fix to my problem, so I tapped twice on the cover screen and swiped over to "tap to add contacts". It prompts to open up the phone and I was in the contacts app which invites me to pick 3 contacts.  When I close the phone again, the contacts are NOT on the cover screen !

And I was disappointed again.

But then I just tried a few things randomly and illogically and then it worked.

- on the cover screen : tap to add contacts

- open up the phone and  the contacts list will appear

- there is a switch at the top to turn on and off : turn it on and off a few times

- turn it on again

- pick your contacts and they are copied to the top of the screen

- press the button at the bottom of the screen where you can close all your apps. (three horizontal bars)

- now close your phone

- check the cover screen again : the contacts will appear in the cover screen widget (to my surprise 😮)

Good luck !

In order to start a call, you just tap the contact and it will prompt you to scan your thumb and then it will start the call.


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Help! I tried it over and over and it just doesn’t work. Keeps asking to add contacts. 

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I had no switch to turn off but I tried selecting all contacts and then turning that off and it finally gave me a done button after selecting contacts and it worked.