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Black line on crease of fold 3

(Topic created on: 16-07-2022 08:51 PM)

I purchased a Samsung zfold3 few months ago. All of a sudden there is a black line exactly where the crease of the fold is. I sent it off to be repaired under Samsung warranty to just get told the warranty is voided as there is puncture marks between the screen and outside case. When I sent it there was no damage what so ever it was in immaculate condition. Not even a scratch. Please be aware that Samsung are using a company called TMT first and don't take my word for it google them and read there reviews. 

You can see clearly from the photos that someone has tried to take the screen off and left puncture marks in it where someone has tried to lift the screen off. Luckily I have photos of the phone before it went off and there certainly weren't no puncture marks on the phone. 

I have a feeling though I don't stand a chance on getting this fixed on warranty as I'm a nobody compared to Samsung. This is a clear fault on these folds as there are hundreds of people with the same problem on the folds and flips. Before sending it off to be fixed under warranty take loads of photos to prove the condition. 

These phones should be recalled if this is an ongoing problem instead I now have to pay 409 for a new screen. After reading there reviews I was shocked I really was. Your phone must be in perfect condition like it's just come out the box. So the slightest scuff or scratch will avoid any warranty despite if it's a Samsung fault or not. 

Fold and flips clearly have a fault on the folding screens so why aren't they being repaired under warranty. Don't let them send your phone to a third party because my phone went to TMT first and I was gobsmacked it came back with puncture marks and reading all there reviews there's not one good review instead there are 131 reviews saying the phone came back more damaged or went off for one thing and came back needing other things doing to it. 

I wish I had the money to take Samsung to court but what's the point as I clearly wouldn't stand a chance. 

Helping Hand
I, like you and so many others have the same problem. The screen on my flip 3 is coming apart at the hinge and I have read so many bad reports that it is definitely a fault by Samsung. I cannot afford to send my phone away and risk getting a charge so I don't know what to do.
Helping Hand
Just an update. The screen protector has now been removed without any problems by my wife, she does a lot of crafts so has steady hands. It peeled away easily. I don't know whether to replace it as it folds and when not in my hands it is in a proper case.
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Did that remove the line?