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Android Auto Device Overheating and Recovery Mode

(Topic created on: 29-11-2021 09:20 AM)
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

I have a Z Flip 3 (purchased direct from Samsung) running the latest software update (One UI 3.1.1).  Whenever I plug the phone into my car to use Android Auto (Peugeot e2008), after a period of time (30-60mins), the phone becomes incredibly hot and the "device overheating" messages start to appear.  Once I've unplugged it and let it cool for 5-10mins it returns to operating normally.  This happens every time I use Android Auto.  Is there an issue?

Secondly, I heard that wiping the cache partition may help with the overheating issue, but I can't get my phone to boot into recovery mode following the guides I've found.  Tried the Volume + Side button power on, plus the USB-C headset boot, but still the phone boots normally.  Is there a special trick to doing this on the Z Flip 3?

Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
You need to plug your phone into computer when putting g into recovery
Wipi g cache probably ly won't help but worth a try I guess.
Are you using genuine cable ?
Is the phone left in compartment or out in open well ventilated?
I use my fold 3 for hours on a daily basis without heating issue so this isn't normal at all.

Plug phone into pc and and do the volume up + down at same time as power and it will boot into recovery

I would suggest factory reset and set phone up from new not back up and try if your problem continues
If it does contact samsung but they will want you to factory reset 1st also :smiling-face: