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(Android 14 fixed this issue) Not able to use Z flip 5 after restart if the internal screen is broken

(Topic created on: 20-11-2023 04:53 PM)
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My z-flip 5 is broken, and it is still a very good phone with the launcher labs feature, as well as the DisplayPort feature. I've been going through the warranty process but I have no clue what stage im at. Anyway, When plugged into the tv I cannot see the lock screen, probably a security feature so you can't unknowingly show your password to a person who has a "charger" for your phone to use. But as there is no output when the phone is closed, why couldn't you allow us to use our password on the cover screen after restart? I restart my phone and then whip out my Bluetooth mouse and have to spend the next 5 minutes blindly guessing where the buttons are because I can't see 70% of the screen. Even if there was a feature to vibrate when a mouse is going over the buttons and not just clicking them I could do it easier. I may need to get to the point where I also need to bring a Bluetooth keyboard with me everywhere.


Please allow the startup password to be available for input on the cover screen. Please also make it more usable while closed, It may just save you time and money with returns.