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3 bar swipe and blank screen

(Topic created on: a month ago)
Chris Android fan

I have a Flip4 and not only was i disappointed that the 3 swipe navigation bars had been removed, but I kept getting a blank screen. No matter what button i pushed it would remain black. It didn't even light up when a call came in.

I've had to put the phone on permanent display and it now chews up battery. The latest update has stopped some of this but not all. I've had the phone for a long time and loved it, but now not so much.

Samsung have you never heard of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' .

Also if I wanted an Apple with one swipe for everything I would have bought one.

Samsung Members Star ★★
Swipe gestures is something that's part of the Android operating system. Google has changed the gestures to accommodate the new AI features.
Luckily with Samsung, you can download the Goodlock app with the Navstar plugin. This way you can customise the gestures to what you like.
The blank screen could be an app or theme causing the problem
Maybe try Wiping the Partition Cashe on the phone and see if this helps
First Poster
I don't think we should have to install third-party apps with additional plugins to correct previous behaviour, which has been removed. Regardless of the ai additions, the three bar swipe worked incredibly well.

The new gestures require you to swipe further up the screen depending on things like keyboard open or what is currently showing on screen and readjust your grip each time. It also no longer works with "hamburger" menus, and it treats a swipe from the side as a "back" action.

I have to think now what I'm doing before I swipe. Soinds like a first world problem, but it's actually a massive step back in usability. 6.1, imo isn't great so far for several reasons.