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Unable to start Device

(Topic created on: 05-02-2023 08:38 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

HI all, On December 2022 I got an S22 Ultra and have been happy with it.  I then factory reseted the phone  and set aside my S9+ .  Today, Feb 2023, i want to pass it down to one of my children but have completely forgotten the pin I used and yes, it had secure startup enabled.  So I cannot start the phone at all it seems.

So when it starts is says that i need to provide the pin but since I had forgotten about it, I chose my google account instead. All goes well to the point where it asks if I will be using the phone or anyone else.  I chose myself as I want to setup the phone before doing anything else and then it throws and error just saying that something went wrong.

Is there a way to bypass this PIN question or to get rid of it?


Galaxy S9 Series

Hi @Killer128 ,


it's great to see how phones are being re-used, like in this case. You may be able to bypass this using Samsung Find My phone app if you have your Samsung Account attach to the phone by following the steps listed here: What is Find My Mobile and how can I use it to locate, lock or wipe my device? | Samsung UK


Otherwise, you will be able to Factory Reset this and remove all the information and account there by taking this to one of our Support Centres along with a copy of the proof of purchase. If you are in the UK you can locate your nearest one from here: Samsung Experience Store - Find your nearest store location | Samsung UK


If you cannot find one, please reach our Support Team: Help & Contact | Samsung United Kingdom


For other countries follow this link to pick the right Support: SAMSUNG | Samsung UK