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Galaxy s9+ battery bulge. £320 repair bill

(Topic created on: 23-09-2019 11:12 PM)
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Anyone experienced the dreaded battery bulge issue on their s9+? Phone is 18 months old in immaculate condition. Last week, starts running warm and won't hold a charge. Took phone out of its case to find back case swollen and back cover separated along the side.


Phone is used with a genuine Samsung wireless Dock for my phone and Samsung smartwatch. 


Phoned Samsung who asked to send phone in. Am now being told phone isn't covered under warranty as its damaged and the repair bill is £320.


Can't get through to anyone at the repair centre to get a straight answer. 


Anyone had the same issue and did you manage to get it resolved?


Very unhappy customer samsung. Would not expect this from a premium product. 

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In order to levy a repair bill they will have to fully advise why they think it's not covered under the manufacturer's warranty @YorkyW 


If you feel that's not a fair report then you can challenge this via Samsungs complaint process and or ask for the phone back and get an independent report although that would come at a cost to you.


Look at the Consumer-rights-act 2015.


The Community Team here might be able to steer you in the right direction too.


Personally I would have taken the phone to a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre if local.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Hey, @YorkyW.


Sorry to hear about this. Could I ask which number you called? Were you put in touch with our Customer Solutions Team?


Sometimes, if there is physical damage done to the phone, it could be deemed that this is the cause. Is your phone in perfect condition despite the bulge? 


Could you send me a PM so I can look into this further with you? (Just click my name, then 'Send A Message').


Thanks a lot,

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