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soft were update 27/03/19

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i recentlly updated to the newst sowftwere patchg and i personally dont like it i dont like how the apps nolonger have colour on the lock screen(maily snapchat) so i cant desern the differance in messages i dont like the new buyble effect of the pull down menue instead of rectangles and oi dont like how it deems the bar at the bottom now seems to be perminant. i would like to recomend they revert the changes in another patch or i would like to know how to roll bak to an older softwere patch.

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Superuser I

I would suggest to send your valued feedback via the Samsung Members App  / Samsung + App @TheQuigg 


Certain aspects of the Samsung One Ui  / Pie can be altered via using.....


Goodlock App.


Samsung Themes. 


Icon packs.


3rd party launcher such as Nova Prime.


Samsungs stance is that once updated you cant officially rollback the firmware. 


However if you go to the xdadevelopers site and or Google Search you'll find further information.


A person doing this does so at their own sole responsibility knowing that a phone can be put Into an unusable state and possible manufacturing warranty being voided.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone Owner.
I have no affiliation with Samsung.
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