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Left ONE UI Beta, but still Beta problems and no new update for me

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I deregistered my phone during the One UI beta phase and did nothing for a while and got the actual, full-fledged update some time later.

I now have the following problem: If I go into Samsung Themes, I cannot change any settings, etc. and I see the following message: "Beta services may not be reliable or available as the services."


Furthermore, I have bugs that occurred in the beta phase and the overall performance is bad, just like in the beta phase.

In the system information, however, it shows that I'm on the One UI version 1.0, so, I think, no longer in beta.


Another strange thing is that the procedure to update the phone via Smart Switch also doesn't work because there it also says that I have the newest software installed.


Why does it seem then like my phone is still in beta and how can I fix it?

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