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s24 ultra safe mode

(Topic created on: 13-03-2024 09:16 PM)
Hi, it might be that nobody has tried to turn on the s24 ultra phone in safe mode as this is a new model. But please do as later samsung will blame the customers and say it's been damaged by the customer. When you do try to turn the device in safe mode it turns up with a screen of death or white screen. I have read the same has happened to customers on S20 ultra, as I had one and happened to come across the same without any damage to the phone. Please raise this now before it's too late. looks like they are trying to cheat their customers.
I must be lucky but I've never had to use safe mode on any Samsung phone I've ever owned.
I thought this forum was for open discussion of issues?
Seems some fan boys have thin skin.
Have been with samsung for years but I won't defend them against honest problems people have.
I have the s24 ultra, it's good but its not great. Samsung are slipping this generation as are apple.
Honestly think the two main companies will be getting shadowed by the current underdogs if they don't pull their fingers out.
It's just a bit of tech made by a faceless company who wants your cash.
If something is wrong speak up and don't pick on those who are concerned customers and not blind fan boys.

It's also no secret that samsung customer service has bombed in the last few years.

Hope I didn't insult you as you clearly intended to do with the original person who post a question 😉
It is. However, those who just come here to post rubbish bring nothing to this community.

I'll help anyone I deem to be genuine but when you try to help those who just continually reply with "No, that didn't work" or "No, I'm not prepared to try that", it quickly becomes obvious that they're not honest, or concerned customers. Don't be naive, this place is rife with it.

Please don't worry, you haven't insulted me. I'm neither a fan nor a boy. My skin thickened years ago 😉
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That is a conundrum as Safe Mode is definitely working as it should on my Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra @donottrust 

Can I ask what issues you are experiencing to need Safe Mode. 

You can also send feedback via your Samsung Members App. 

All posts are welcome here as long as they do not breach the forums Community Guidelines which your post most certainly does not. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

@BandOfBrothers, so basically I had a s20 ultra which all of a sudden comes up with a white screen without any damage, so I turned it off for a few days and it began to work fine. I checked the internet and samsung community and read that others were facing the same issues. So I read that deleting the cache from the safe mode helps. I did that on my s20 ultra but still had the same issues. The screen just turned white for no reason. And trust me I'm not a samsung hater or giving fake reviews here. It's just what's I've experienced. So I recently got the s24 ultra and tried to safe mode, incase I face the same issue with this in future and I'm ready for it. It just turned up with a white screen and slowly opens up the safe mode. if that's normal than I guess it fine but I don't think it is. The safe mode should turn up directly with the option to select and not the white screen. And whoever says samsung haters @Robin999 . People who work hard and find faults in their devices after buying such expensive phones are the people who mostly raise their concerns first. Because they know the value of their money. unlike rich ** like you.
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Hi @donottrust 

Please excuse me if I did not understand correctly.

You tried to boot on safe mode the S24 Ultra and it failed, then you call Samsung and they told you that you damaged the phone. Is that what happen?

Fair enough, I shall keep an open mind.
Maybe I misjudged you, it's just there are to many people who attack each other these days over computers, phones or what console they game on.
It helps no one and gives companies a bad rep, not help them.

I'm sure on the flip side there are those who in the same sense go out of the way to fake bad reviews and such, but on the whole I think most people in these post are just confused or frustrated by an issue and simply hope another may help. Or at the very least the company will pick up on the problem and correct it.

You may have been correct for all I know, but I think we should give each other the benefit of doubt and treat with respect.
It's easy to jump to the wrong conclusions and accidentally pick on someone who for all we know are nice people going through a difficult time and a bad reply or action may cause harm.

Of course if over a few responses it becomes obvious a person is deliberately been negative or false then by all means call them out, but we shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions based on one message.

Obviously you are not what I initially thought as you have responded in a respectful way, kudos to you 🫡
Don't quite understand the issue here. Are you asking people to try boot safe mode on their S24s and then complain if it's a white screen?

For the record, I tried on my S24 Ultra and S21 Ultra, both worked perfectly fine, although I do have to warn that it sets the phone to flight mode and doesn't switch WiFi back on when you exit safe mode, so you need to turn it back on. Beyond this, I'm not sure what you're asking.

I also just noticed the screenshot doesn't capture the Sade Mode text that was displayed in the bottom left corner😅 but I assure you, this was in safe mode.1710427114137.jpg