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S24 ultra battery life problem, worse after update

(Topic created on: 29-03-2024 04:37 PM)
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Hi all, I am writing here to share my experience with this phone, which I have for over a month now. I want to see if other people have the same problem as mine and if someone can give me an advice, since I had read a lot and still haven't found a salution. So, in the first few weeks the drain of the battery life was big, but I knew that there is a learning phase and It must be normal, I also was forcing it to 0%, I did maybe 2  such cycles , and getting maybe 4 to 5 hours SOT. After some time I was getting to 6 to 7 hours SOT, and to add up I am using only FB, Insta, Messenger, TikTok, Youtube. And for settings : light profile with dark mode, adaptive brightness and colours, QHD display,120 hz, AOD turned off, wifi/mobile internet mostly ON (5g disabled, I read somewhere bad signal drains more life), location On (turned off the always in use for google and android system int, despite the warning some apps may not work as intended), adaptive charging. I often do the device care and there are none detected problems. I see other people saying that their battery just doesn't die getting two days of usege or even 10 to 12 hours of SOT and I had never experienced that. To be more specific I get like 10% lost for 45 -50 mins without doing much. The battery life diagnostics also doesn't show an app which is consuming a bigger amount of energy, only those I already mention plus few % from samsung UI. Somehow I was getting ok with it since I work a lot and I always managed to charge it before sleep and get throughout the day. I forgot to mention that in device care it was showing that a full charge will last a 1day and 8 hours or somehting like that. I got a new software update on 27.03.24 which I read it was for optimizing app and performance, after installing it I saw a significant increase in battery drain. For example the phone is charged to 100%, I remove the charger and after  5 mins it is 99 or 98% without any use. In device care it was now displayed that a full charge will last only 20 hours, without installing new apps or new settings, only the new update. I am a bit confused if the update set the battery in new learning phase or something went wrong. I wonder if to do factory reset, I have only deleted cache before the update with no change , since I felt then the drain was fast but now it is even worse. I have used smartswich only for media photos and contacts, if this even matters. Thank you in advance for the spare time to read my post and to answer.

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7 or so hours of Sot under your usage seem fine.
I don't feel the battery life has changed. This Snapdragon is a bad boy.😍
Depending on my usage, battery life it's still the same.

My experience ha significantly worsened. I have it since January and I used to get 6, even 7 hours SOT which was awesome. Then 3 weeks ago they messed something up and after one of the updates it went to trash - 3-4 hours of SOT tops. The idle.drain is also significant

Yes the keeping the screen on definitely kills the battery quicker and noticed it worse after recent update.

I now have my screen off.

I used to get less than a day.

Now with screen off, I only charge before sleeping.

Hope your mobiles battery gets better for you.
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Nooooo.Samsung needs to open the possibility for us to get back to a certain old version we had been happy with. So that we can fix the phone intil Samsung solve his own problem with his newer software.

Don't update to april. You wil get a sluggish UI wich will stutter in actions like closing for first time an app, og opening and scrolling for the first time setting app or other UI ApS and generaly it is not as smooth as it was with March update. March update was in deed rhe smooothest. 


I have the same issue and to me it seems that it YouTube. However, if you limit the battery usage of that app, it crashes, quits and doesn't work well. YouTube is a HUGE battery drain.


Did you do a factory reset ? If so has anything gone up în battery ?