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Internet Issues S24 Ultra

(Topic created on: 16-06-2024 02:12 AM)
Just wondering if anyone else has noticed any of the following Internet issues

I have an S24 Ultra 2 active sim cards which I need and WiFi, which I generally leave active

Mostly when near WiFi router. Network speed much slower than it should be both WiFi and sim data

Apps reporting no connection despite having strong connection both WiFi and Mobile data

I have noticed that the phone prioritises signal strength over bandwidth which in itself can cause slow speeds. I'm presuming this is to preserve battery but there should be a baseline so it does prioritise a very poor network speed. For example if I'm in my car the phone connects to the cars WiFi which is only 2g now as 3g has been switched off in the UK so the signal strength to the WiFi is great but the bandwidth is useless for data

I appreciate the phone is better with only one sim card but I need them both to be active

I can also help to switch off WiFi when out and about but you lose the connections to free hotshots offered by some network providers

Resetting the advertising ID in Google ads settings can help if a particular app is playing up

However the Internet connectivity is quite patchy I.e sometimes it's great for a while then you have periods where it keeps dropping or slowing down

I've reset the various caches, network settings etc and no difference, the issue seems to have got worse lately

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and or found the fix or cause

It would be interesting to know if other Android devices have similar issues I.e is it a Samsung thing or are other Android os's having similar issues

Than you
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The phone should work fine with two sims inserted as it would with just one sim card inserted @PaulC59 

All you should experience is possible more battery depletion as the phone is then working to keep two sim cards connected. 

Personally I haven't experienced the issues you mention. 

Where I reside , I'm typically always on 4G+ 

I rarely use Wi-Fi even when at home as I have strong mobile data signals and lots of data alllwance to use. 

As a starting point, you could try resetting your network settings in General Management under Reset.

Also > Clear Cache Files from the phone's System Partition Section  > You may need to insert your earphones or hook upto a powered On Laptop or use a Tv's USB Port to access the Clear Partition Section. This may help with lag or stutters as this clears the phone of old/unused or broken cache files.There is also a Repair Apps option in the Menu System too { Possibly excluding the s²⁴ Series of phone's } 

There is a diagnostic test tool found in your Samsung Members App. 

If you perform a forum search, you should find existing threads with some further help within. 

If i can be of any further help, please don't hesitate to ask  😎 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Thank you for your comments and advice

I did the reset network settings and cleared the phones system cache after the most recent update followed by optimising apps with good guardians

I notice the drop in network speed with 2 sim cards when I put in my second sim 2 physical sim

I don't know what causes the speed to slow down or network drops? Maybe the phone gets confused or too busy causing small lags when too many functions are competing for internet or maybe apps interfere causing clashes or maybe a combination of the two as it does seem to be ad hoc

I agree that switching off WiFi often helps as I've noticed it happens most when connected to WiFi but on fewer occasions switching off mobile data off and using WiFi also helps or switching between sims for data or switching off one of the sim cards

A soft reset often helps and if it is a specific app playing up then Resetting the advertising ID in Google ads settings often corrects this if it's a specific app

I've not identified the culprit as yet but will certainly update if I do