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Apps dont work properly with Galaxy S24 Ultra and Network strength always low

(Topic created on: 17-05-2024 02:28 PM)
Ashutosh Mishra

Lots of regular apps dont work properly. Like Twitter app , doen't load profile pics and media links , whatsapp GIF stickers don't load, Google drive doesn't load . All these app's i use on a daily basis and doesn't load on the first time . I have to relaunch these apps several times , force stop, clear cache to get them to work properly . Then when i close these apps , they are back to non-loading state and i have to close, force stop, clear cache again. 

This is absolutely annoying for such a costly premium phone. Just to clarify my network strength is super strong in my laptop,desktops and other phones . And speed is 75 MPBPS. 

The other issues i have are , mobile newtwork strength always is 1 or 2 bars , where as my other phones have full strength with same network at same location . Battery also dont last entire day , without gaming or without any photo or video taking , its absolutely pathetic.

Ashutosh Mishra

Is this the right forum to raise an issue , or needs to be done somewhere else? Any help to get this sorted is appreciated. 

Samsung Members Star ★
This is the community forum, where other customers like yourself try to help each other with issues

For Samsung support, contact support via members app

As to your issues, have you cleared cache partition? Connect phones to a laptop/pc

Restart the phone holding up volume and power button, when you get to the recovery menu, use volume up and down to scroll to the clear cache partition and use power button to select, on reboot see if that help resolves issues

I have all the apps you mentioned and hadn't zero issues
I agree I seem to have to charge the phone more, even on dark mode & other settings adjusted. I previously had the s21 ultra that lasted longer even after 3 years use.