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S23 Ultra Main Camera Stabilizer issue

(Topic created on: 04-11-2023 11:08 AM)
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Got my new Samsung S23 Ultra on 13-May-2023, Camera Stabilizer issue happened after 3 months (I assure I never drop the phone and never put into water). So last week I proceed to claim for warranty only after notice the vibration was so obvious that I can't even properly took a 4k video while I go for travelling. Now after claim for warranty, my main camera was fixed, but the TOP CAMERA WAS FULL OF DUST INSIDE AND DIRTY AROUND THE CIRCLE. What is Samsung technician doing? This is not professional way of fixing at all. Even when I collected back my phone, it was full of thumbprint, not properly wiped. I am very sure my phone is always cleaned properly and taken good care of. I even added extra protection on my camera. Now I have to put my phone on the service center again for another fix. Keep disassembling the phone wasn't a good idea. I am sure my next brand of phone won't be Samsung anymore. They only give you freebies and voucher if you are unhappy. FYI the service center is near to Singapore. I bought the phone for 5 months only ! 5 months only ! and this happens. I am more dissatisfied for the after sales warranty service more than the product itself.