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S23 ultra charging ports wet when not

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
Since the last update, my less than 6 month old samsung s23 ultra 5g last night after placing the phone on charge at 4% via official samsung cable of correct ampage, the phone reached 23% charge and tells me theres moisture detected in the port, no such thing. Not been near water for a long time. I left it a second and nothing i restarted phone and nothing checked port and nothing, cleaned port and nothing, booted to safe mode nothing,, reset to factory settings and to my surprise NOTHING! put the port under the scope to have a look (ex mobile tech) nothing in it and not dirty. Spoke to network provider and spoke to samsung they both will only offer a doorstep repair in 9 days time!? that will void my current warranty finally got them to admit while recording the call they were at fault and they offered a like for like replacement at nearest approved samsung repair centre they gave me a reference no and i tootled off 6 miles to go sort it out only to be turned away like some fool and find my way 6 miles back (thought it was too good to be true! So i complain to samsung they ask for all the call recordings etc so i sent them iver they then offer me a solution again a doorstop repair but i must pay for it!?. I refused, And ended the call. They then called me back to say they were wrong to try and charge me and set up the repair, they sent it through via text and it comes up to confirm a sky blue s23 for repair (mines jet black!) I call them and they say its ok to confirm the repair as a blue phone when its black, so the repair tech turns up with a spare back of the phone just incase and its blue he accidentally breaks mine and cant cover the parts! Lol well done. Again i refuse to confirm incorrect details. So now i have to wait for them to ring me at some point to sort this out. Started 9am today gave up 7:30pm 8 years with samsung 15 years with current provider, all that loyalty and faith went out of the window in a few hours thanks again for today it was not needed. And completely unresolved 

all calls were recorded for my backside covering purposes! Anyone else had this!?
Tourbillon De La Vie
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Why would authorised repair void warranty? 

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I'm disheartened to hear of the issues you are experiencing with your phone. 😔 

I appreciate it's important to have our phone's up and running. 

In your post you mention " Not been near water for a long time "

Does that mean it has been near water 💧 🤔 ?

As @Tourbillon De La Vie has touched upon a Repair by a Samsung Authorised Service Centre would not invalidate the phone's manufacturer warranty. 

You say that when you arrived, you were turned away ~ What did the the Samsung Shop say when you travelled there to pick up a replacement phone ?

All in all, this isn't the service Samsung strives to supply. 

Can I ask what region you live in ?

If i can be of any further help, please don't hesitate to ask  😎 

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Well they said seen as the phone was reporting moisture in the charging port its a water damage issue on an ip68 rating device! Yeah funny that was. Its been newr water ive been in the rain with it when i first had it but thats only a couple of specs on the screen. I went swimming with my note 20 many times and that things still going. Samsung themselves told me the repair itself would require opening the phone after that the initial warranty is gone. I was turned away from the centre as it was not proper process and the phone operative lied to me telling me a like for like was an option. And im in staffordshire cheshire/ region