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S23 Ultra Battery draining

(Topic created on: 19-04-2024 01:43 PM)
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After recent update in April2024, battery starts draining supper fast, hardly last barely from morning to evening on a normal working day, with a watching a few YouTube videos, a  handful of calls and very basic socializing (no gaming)

More than convinced that this is related to the new software. I have followed all suggestion found on different blogs and this does not help, the battery just drains and as you make video call you can actually see the percentage drops.

SAMSUNG please fix this ASAP, or just re-install the old software.

Hi Conrad,

I've just updated the software last night. I waited for a long time to see peoples experience and to see how battery life is reported by others.

Some are complaining, others seem silent, but nothing yet seems to be addressing it.

I watched a video with two phones side by side one was updated. I saw the older one with 4 days+ on old software, the new had 1 day 17 hours of use expectancy, he never addressed it on the video.

I did the only thing I have come to learn. Every time google promise new features, it's on the back of secretly flooding the phone with new permissions to track and spy.
Simply go through all of your app permissions, including at the top right hand 3 dots system apps, and disable every single permission you can on every app that you do not use.

You'll find unfortunately, they have stopped you denying many permissions that you could before the upgrade, whilst everyone is busy staring at the AI features.
Also go through apps that you that you don't want running in the background and put them into deep sleep.
Location tracking is massive now and trouble is they can locate your device, even switched off.
I have location switched off.
I run my profile on light, unless gaming there's no discernable difference for a text a call or a web page or photo etc.

I have auto sync turned off, think about it, your only gonna read an email when you've time, it's one second to pull down on the screen when you go there, and bam, mail is there, it's not polling using your battery all the time.
Go through every setting as though your phone was new when you update, customise it for you NOT google, I've upgraded and my battery life has not changed.
Personal choices....

Screen not high unless showing off.
AI process-phone only unless needed.
AI only switched on if needed.
You find out after the initial flurry of wow, you have stuff communicating in your phones background all the time with no use to you.

Last tip, go into every app setting and turn off battery and data, background use for every app that does not require it.
I can hear some say, what point, all that stuff and can't use it. Not so.

My car will do well over 100mph, it has heated seats, wipers, sunroof, heaters, cruise, etc.. but it's, 30mph in town, roof closed in rain, heater off in summer, seats off in sun, cruise of in jam.

Top car or BEST phone, beautiful accolade, all facilities there to use as you need them.

No one with wisdom uses/leaves switched on all those facilities, all the time.

You probably know most of this but, I hope something may help some one. 🙂
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Hey there

In most cases this will be down to an app burning through your battery juice and not the update.

If you go to battery settings, you can see what is using your nice.

Then go to Device Care and see if there is anything showing in there. Once done, click on optimise now to close apps that don't need to be running.

I have the same problem. Device is getting hot, battery drainage very disturbing... Phone needs ASAP a new software update, to solve these problems...

Forgot to say one thiing, I didn't let the 6.1 update sequence update my Samsung apps.

I updated four or five myself and a couple of Goodlock modules.

That leaves 45 apps not updated. I wonder if the problem that some are having lies within one of those apps.
I usually just leave the update to do everything automatically but this time I unchecked the updating of apps.
No problem so far. 🙂