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NFC read freezes the device

(Topic created on: 26-02-2023 04:24 PM)
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I have a debit card contactless payment ring on one of my fingers. I've had it for 5 years and whenever I hold a phone in such a way that the ring lines up with the NFC reader, the phone will pick it up thinking it's an NFC tag because of the coil in the ring. The ring is not NFC based, just a regular debit card coil, but I guess the phone sensor gets it confused. Up until now with my previous 3 Samsung phones it's always just display a quick pop-up "no supported app for this NFC tag" that immediately disappeared so it hasn't bothered me. But with my new S23 ultra, any time it lines up the phone stops accepting touchscreen imput, as if there is a permanent overlay that won't allow me to do anything until I do a "go back" command/gesture. No text ot popup is displayed, just a vibration and what I assume to be an invisible full screen overlay of some sort or freeze. Doesn't even go away by lock and unlocking the phone, I have to do a back or home command/gesture. Any ideas on how to fixe something like that?