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Dont buy the samsung care+

(Topic created on: 11-07-2023 02:24 AM)


I am a customer who has been using Samsung for many years. Originally, I thought Samsung had always been a very trustworthy big company. Last month, I bought Samsung Care+for 2 years, but the operation process failed without any emails or text messages indicating that the operation failed. After contacting customer service, they directly requested me to pay £ 59 for repairing the screen and informed me that I needed to wait. I have been waiting for nearly a week without anyone notifying me or dealing with these issues, Two weeks ago, the administrator told me that they would handle these issues on the following Tuesday night. It's ridiculous that I waited until Monday and still didn't receive them!


So I called customer service again, and the reason I requested cancellation is that your company still needs 2 days to process these! I would like to know if your company's so-called insurance is in this style or a blatant scam? Ignoring consumers and dealing with problems is really disappointing for me! As a Samsung fan who has been around for 15 years, I have decided to withdraw from Samsung. I really can't bear it. It only takes one hour to repair the screen. Why does it take a month and a half and still not solve the problem?


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Hello @Members_8RnZhu2 

Welcome to the Samsung Eu Community Forum where members try to help each other.

Obviously we have no access to Samsungs systems so cannot look at your account to see what has happened. 

Can you just clarify on what you mean when you said your purchased Samsung Care+ and the operation failed  "

Does this mean the purchase declined for some reason ?

Was funds taken from your Bank Account for the transaction  ?

Has this not been rectified as you then write you had to pay for a screen repair or was this the excess payment ?

I personally do not have Samsung Care+ as my phone's are covered under my Home Contents Insurance however the people who do have it have seemed happy with what the policy provides.

I totally understand that communication is key and it is important to be jept in the loop whether ot be by phone or email. People should check their spam email inboxes just incase an email drops into there.

In regards to an actual repair the timescales can be dependent on how long it takes to ship the phone to a Samsung Repair Centre , the time taken to log the phone into the repair house, and themn assessefor r the issue raised by you, and to fully check the phone for any other issues.

Then the timeframe can also be delendant on how many repair jobs are before yours , availability of parts and engineer time.

The actual repair time maybe an hour or two but it's feasable in regards to what I've expalined above ^

I understand it's frustrating. 

I appreciate it's highly inconvenient when a phone needs to be away from us due to a needed repair.

Personally I choose to visit a Samsung Experience Store and in some regions Samsung offer a doorstep repair service which is where an authorised engineer comes to you.

I'm disheartened to hear this experience has rocked your confidence in the product and service and hope at some stage you decide to return to Samsung.

I assume until at this point you've been happy with Samsung as you mention that you have been a " customer for many years. "

I with you a speedy resolution to this.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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I. Got insurance for £4 a month , my contract for my phone was for 3 years , after 2 years my phone was secure in a rain jacket,
But water got into the phone , I asked for it to be repaired and was told I'd need to pay an excess fee of £69 and I was told by the lady at the shop I'd also need to prove that it was accidental.
There was no way I could prove that !!!
I argued I had paid £100 on insurance.
So then I spotted the exact same phone I had gotten 2 years ago for £50 .
So instead of paying the excess fee to have it fixed and returned to me I bought the new phone and got my phone number transferred to my new phone and cancelled my insurance. , that phone is now passed on to my son and is still going strong but it's now PAYG
I now have a new contract phone with no insurance as I've found a guy who can fix for it less than the insurance payment , so no more insurance for me !!!

I'm sorry, I don't feel like I'm not helping others. Obviously, I'm just helping others and experiencing the same treatment as me. As for your comment, I can only say that you're not very real care like Samsung care+. I'm tired of repeating the same question all the time. Why don't you just ask Samsung care customer service instead of asking me?