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Data usage being charged on other sim

(Topic created on: 15-06-2024 08:04 AM)
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I have the S23+. And I have 2 sims. I mainly just use sim 1. Sim 2 is just for nostalgic reasons (have had it since college). I've already set sim 1 for all texts, calls and data inside sim manager. This was also my setup on my old phone S9+, and I had no issues. However, with this new phone, I noticed I've been getting data charges in sim 2. And those are extra changes since it's not included in my plan for sim2. When i check my sim 1 bill, it also shows data consumption. I only turn on my data when I need to outside of our house when there is no wifi available. Samsung store just told me to do what i already did. Charges only stopped when I inactivated sim 2. I think samsung is having dual sim issues and it is very frustrating. Updates should be there to better our experience, not worsen it. Anyone experienced the same thing?

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Hi . If you transferred stuff over from you old phone then maybe consider resetting your settings only and set them up again.

One thing I recommend never to transfer over are settings and Apps as they can cause lot of abnormalities and headaches.
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Change the network mode setting for 2nd sim to 3/2G and it will stop data activity charges. Just the way network works to keep you connected