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Beta Update Broke my Phone

(Topic created on: 05-12-2023 07:11 PM)
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My S23+ must've updated overnight, and I forgot I was enrolled in the beta testing. So when I woke up, my phone was unresponsive to any type of touch or gesture. My phone would be almost completely useless if it weren't for Google Assistant to make calls, but that's all I can do. I restarted my phone to fix the problem, and I even tried a full shut off of the phone, and nothing. I can't restore my phone on the smart switch using my computer because the prompt on my phone to allow transfer is unpressable, if that makes sense. Any Ideas??

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One thing you can try is Wiping the Partition Cashe on the phone

Wiping the Partition Cashe clears out a lot of old or corrupted information that can cause issues

Follow the steps below. You must follow every step and you should be done in about a minute

Turn off your phone.

Connect your phone with a USB cable
to PC or another Samsung mobile

You will see the charging icon on your screen.
Wait till it shows charging with battery percentage.

Next, press and hold the Volume up and Side key simultaneously.
You can press the volume up button just before the Side key.
The Samsung Logo followed by
Samsung Galaxy appears on the

At this point, release the keys
Phone will boot into Android Recovery mode

In Android recovery mode, using Volume keys, choose "Wipe Cache
Partition" .
Use the power button to accept that.
You will then see its cleared.

Then the top option, reboot phone.
Press the power button to reboot the phone and then sign in normally

You can repair apps from the recovery menu