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Using the Galaxy Watch as HR monitor to sync with the Phone health App

(Topic created on: 17-08-2023 08:53 AM)


I have recently started using my S22 Ultra during my cycling workouts. While the phone is paired and collects live data from a cadence sensor and a RPM sensor, it refuses to get live HR data from the galaxy watch. 

HR data is only captured if I start the cycling workout on the watch itself in which case the phone is completely unaware of a workout started in the watch and the phone does not collect data from the paired cadence and rpm sensor. 

If I end up starting a workout on both the watch and the phone, then I am left with two entries of the same workout (One with HR data and one with cadence and rpm data). 

Am I missing something here? how can i have one work out where the samsung health app on my phone collects cadence and speed from the sensors and HR from the watch?

Helping Hand
When I go spinning, I always just use my watch which has a good HR monitor like you say. But I've never thought about using other sensor.

I think you have just found a limitation of the watch health app. Linking to external sensors.

I used to use a Polar watch in the past, which is purely a fitness watch, and this synced with external sensors. But then again, it only told the time, was nor a smart watch.

I suppose you have to decide what you need most.

Having 2 recordings of the same exercise us the only solution. At least Samsung health allows this.