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(Topic created on: 13-04-2022 01:35 PM)
Almost time for an upgrade 😃 have  had most of the Samsung phones starting from the s2 all the way up and currently have the s21 ultra. Can anyone give me some reviews on the s22 plus and the s22 ultra? The good and the bad lol. I use my camera alot, and I do watch alot of videos on here so obviously want to know if the cameras are just as good and what the battery life are like on them. I use Samsung health and strava aswel so is like the GPS good on them? My 3 kids and husband all have iPhone and I actually like the look of the new iPhone 13 Pro max 🙈 but don't want to abandon Samsung so just looking at all the reviews and then go from there to see what's the best phone for me. Pleaseeee don't leave blank, help a lady out 😅
I am kind of in the same boat as you... with the S21 ultra.

I spent quite a lot of time deliberating... looking at specifications of the two side by side... S21U versus S22U.

I decided to stick with the S21U for another year... the improvements and incremental changes between the two are not enough to warrant an upgrade, in my opinion. In fact having the 16GB /512 version of S21 is in some ways higher specced than the S22U.

However a few times I have wondered if I should have done the upgrade. Looking at the early teething issues, preorder problems etc... I am kind of glad I didn't upgrade this time.

There is a chance once stability is improved and preorders have been fulfilled that I might reconsider... but I do love my S21 ultra and see no reason right now.

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Personally I'm sticking with the s21 ultra.
I love the design of the "s" series and feel Samsung done us dirty with the s22 ultra (note).
If I was to get one of the s22 series it would be the base model as I love the design and compact size of it.
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I own the S21 Ultra myself Sam and am beyond delighted with the thing. I am not eligible for an upgrade myself until next year but if I was eligible this year would I go for the S22 Ultra?... Most certainly. There are some useful camera upgrades in terms of software polishing and I hear the minor low light video quality issue on the S21 Ultra has been improved noticeably. So, in summary the camera on the S22 Ultra is a small improvement in every way but the differences will be small and some people actually prefer the images taken by the S21 Ultra as it has been out for over a year and subject to lots of useful software tinkering and tuning.
In terms of battery life there should be nothing in it as they both have the same sized battery but once again the S21 Ultra has had it's software tuning advantage and many people find it has slightly better battery life but this advantage should be negated by future software updates on the S22 Ultra. I believe a GPS problem on the S22 Ultra has now been sorted but I don't own the phone obviously so I would check internet forums just to be doubly sure about this as it is important for you and also for me I must add.
In summary Sam, life is short and if I had the chance to upgrade to the S22 Ultra I would but I would not expect night and day improvements from my 21 and I would be aware that a new phone has to optimize itself and learn my usage habits before it performs at it's best. I had bad battery life on my phone for the first few weeks and my camera got too hot but I expected these things and just kept on using it hard until it eventually began to settle down and on it's way to being the brilliant performer it is today. The advantage you would have in getting the 22 now Sam is that it has been out for long enough for many early glitches to have been sorted software wise. Getting a new phone is always better than Christmas for me it really is and if you do upgrade I really hope you enjoy your new phone to the max. Can I just advise you to go for the 512 Gb version at least if you have a two year contract but 256Gb should be enough for one year but only if you don't shoot a lot of 4K 60fps video as I do.. I take about 250Gb worth of pictures and videos alone annually so I could not consider the 256Gb version at all. There is a 1Tb (1000Gb) version of the S22 Ultra and I would go for this myself but for many people this is overkill but would not add too much to your monthly contract price but it would cost an extra £150-£200 should you be able to buy the phone outright. Good luck to you anyway Sam. I hope you end up happy in whatever decision you make.👍👍
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I am happy with the S21  Ultra and whilst  at launch somewhat attracted by the S22U's display/brightness, speed potential and enhanced picture processing,felt I could not justify an upgrade at the present time.  Design wise I was not so impressed but not the most crucial factor and you do get the inbuilt S Pen slot. Feel more of a case if you are coming from a 2020 model  but up to each individual to decide.

yes customers have experienced some issues but updates have improved matters and some Members are very pleased with the S22 Ultra.

You may care to look at some You Tube reviews , one article here 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Same here. Really sat on the fence whether to upgrade to 22 U from 21 U for the brightness and s pen features, with all the problems I might wait, maybe see what the Z4 has to offer.
I have s21u and my partner has s22u only real difference is the s pen.... I made a custom holder with slot for s pen from my tab s6 lite. It's actually a nicer pen to hold than the s pen from the S22u20220413_182334_2334_1649870616.jpg
What is your kids iPhone model