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Upgrade to S22 from S21

(Topic created on: 07-05-2022 09:44 PM)
It is now time for me to upgrade to the S22. As usual input my agreement number and surname in, then chose phone(which comes with a free stand this year ), answer yes to all the questions about current phone standard , then next page is basket page, with the phone I chose and also the free gift. However at the top of the page is a message

" Unfortunately it is not possible to add multiple items to cart in combination with Samsung Upgrade Programme. Please place a separate order for additional products"

Unless I'm reading this wrong, to me it's saying that the free gift should not be on here and should be claimed on a separate order. You can't delete the free item from the basket.
Further down there is also a message stating 

"Continue with checkout to join upgrade program".

I have been an upgrade member for the past 4 years, so why would I want to join again?

However, despite my concerns and after speaking to 5 Samsung agents, the last of which told me this was normal and should proceed to finalise.
I completed all necessary personal details, delivery date etc, then got to final page for payment. There was an option to pay by Klarna, so I would have to "join" the upgrade program. Again, why join when I'm already a member?
Suffice to say i have not fully completed the buying as I'm sceptical about the process this year. I'm worried that I end up paying for 2 phones and my current one is not cancelled and credited.
Has anyone else had the same scenario this year and if so what was the outcome?
Is this a new checkout process for this year?
I would walk away from the s22 not a good phone