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Themes in dark mode

(Topic created on: 19-04-2024 03:49 AM)

Enabling dark mode overwrites theme elements such as quicksettings icons, keyboard buttons, app drawer background. It would be better to have the theme settings as more priority so that it can be better integrated with dark mode. 
With current implementation, enabling dark mode is pretty much like changing the theme. 

Alternatively, it would be useful to at least have a setting that would allow to inform all apps to use dark mode. Some apps allow to individually set dark mode for the app itself. Yet most of samsung apps, such as theme app, wearable, etc does not have this per app option relying instead on system dark mode settings, which makes them always be in lightmode when using a custom theme. This is rather annoying.

Thank you.
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@karyodevel hello, the execution in dark mode, is subject to the development of each application. If the developer has not developed his application to be executed in dark mode, this is not possible.
So it is a suggestion towards third-party app developers. Greetings.

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Andrew McLoughlin
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This has been a thorn in my side for quite some time now. I eventually gave up on themes entirely, and created a custom one. There's a 3rd party app called Theme Park that lets you create custom dark mode themes (or light mode, or...). It's a bit of work to get it set up, and you don't get quite the same versatility you would with a customized launcher experience, but I've found it to be an effective compromise.

Before that, I just enabled dark mode manually in most of my apps (you can do it in chrome by adding the flag manually, for example)  but with things like Samsung Health or a particular chat app I use, there's no manual dark mode adjustment so you need to toggle it from the drop-down below the notification shade, which is cumbersome and unintuitive.

I completely hear you. I have no idea why Samsung hasn't at least given creators the option of uploading custom dark-mode themes to the samsung store, by now, or why themes can't be created for tablets. (That's actually how I started using Theme Park in the first place.)

I wish you luck!

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These themes are not optimized for dark mode. It's sad


I completely agree!! Please allow themes to be set while dark mode is on and still see the theme. The theme only shows in light mode which makes all my other apps white.

Please fix this!! 

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It's 2024 and Samsung has yet to do anything about this. I wish we could have dark mode on and still put a nice theme on 🥲 #SamsungUpdates #DarkModeMissing

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Just bought the newest S24 Ultra a month ago. Themes still don't work when Dark Mode is on. Pathetic