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Secure Folder Screw Up

(Topic created on: 05-01-2023 03:52 PM)
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I have used secure folder for many years on my Samsung devices. I recently upgraded to a S22 Ultra in September 2022 from an S20. I successfully transferred all the secure items to my S22 and they were all there last time I checked in October 2022.

Yesterday I have clicked on my secure folder app and logged in and I now only have around 25 photos, the other 75 have VANISHED. I am really pissed off as these photos are ones of my Wife and they have been collected over years.

-I am logged into correct samsung account
-I've checked recycle bin/deleted items, looked to see if any folders are hidden, also checked google photos albums in case there is a copy of them in there. 

I contacted Samsung and they did a remote session to my phone to try to help me but they couldn't find them.

I have tried everything to try and recover them and nothing has worked so thank you Samsung!

Reading posts online it seems I am not the only person that this has happened to. Has anyone got any suggestions?


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The problem with the secure folder is that it doesn't get backed anymore, why? I wish I knew so I don't keep anything in it now as I use Onedrive and Google photo's instead.
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@Carlhudz  Yes unfortunately since 2021  it has not been possible to back up secure Folder to the cloud, can restore Backups that were taken prior to that point.

you would need to move them out of secure Folder (at least temporarily)  to back up to cloud or  Local Storage.   see  some information here 

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I really don't know why they change things if it isn't broken
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Sad this feature was removed, Secure Folder has been superb, but no backup and the endless notifications on reboot, kind of gives it away.

Regards, Obsydian

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Anyone know how to remove gallery from secure folder very annoying crappie samsung phones never had that issue with apple