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Samsung S22 WiFi Calling Issues

(Topic created on: 22-04-2022 05:29 PM)
First Poster

Hello everyone! 

I recently got the regular Samsung S22 about a month ago. So far I love it, except for one thing.

I sporadically have issues receiving or making calls, and also receiving or sending texts at my place of work. I understand that since I work in a steel building that my cellular coverage will be disrupted, which is why I was excited for the WiFi calling feature. 

However, even when I am connected to WiFi calling and have WiFi calling turned on I still miss a ton of calls, texts are slow to send and receive, and making calls takes a long time too if they go through at all. Sometimes texts won't send either.

I have tried all of the steps short of factory reset, because I didn't want to go through all of that and it not even help the problem, although that may be my next step if it still is not working properly.

I've restarted my phone, performed a Network reset, turned airplane mode on, removed and reinserted my SIM card, toggled WiFi calling on and off, toggled between Cellular preferred to WiFi preferred.

I have contacted both Samsung and my carrier and went through all of the steps they both recommended, and they both ended with them telling me to contact the other. The people at Samsung recommended I go to a 'Samsung Walk-in Service Center' which, unfortunately, I don't have one remotely close to me. So they recommend I go to Best Buy and speak to them, which I plan on doing tomorrow. (Fingers crossed)

My carrier wanted me to perform a speed test on the WiFi, which I did, and it must have passed because he had no recommendations for that. When I look at the WiFi symbol it shows I have full bars.

My old phone was a Motorola Moto Z4, which I NEVER had problems making/received calls or sending/receiving texts at work. Same carrier and everything, and that was only a month ago. Nothing else has changed except the phone.

I plan on going to Best Buy tomorrow, but I was just wanting to check in with you guys to see if you had any recommendations/tips/tricks.

I'm through Verizon, if that helps.

Thank you all in advance!

Have you tried wiping cache partition, I do it after every update, I helps the phone run smoother