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Samsung pass issues

(Topic created on: 01-03-2022 12:49 AM)
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I just upgraded today and am wondering if maybe I did something wrong during setup that is not fixable without completely starting over with a factory reset... hoping there is a less extreme solution.... but anyway, my issue is with Samsung Pass. I go to sign in to account and the option to save the username password with autofill with samsung pass comes up, I click yes, it takes me to the Samsung pass screen where it explains it's secure and uses biometrics to login, etc. I hit continue, it takes me to a screen where it has my gmail account as being my samsung pass account email, and it wants me to put in my password for that email address. I put in the password, which I know for a fact is correct because I just logged in to THAT email on a different browser/computer and it worked, and it says the password is incorrect. I try the "send a one time verification email" link, and it takes me to my logged in gmail account which has some really old emails from like 2020. I try deleting that email from samsung pass and it basically does the same thing, it wants me to log in and says it's incorrect, and the forget password link never sends the reset email, the verify with one-time email never sends the email, I just don't know what else to try here. I'm wondering if maybe I used the wrong email address when I upgraded? (I have several) I feel like I have a vague memory of using a microsoft outlook email usually when I upgrade, but would that even matter?? Hoping someone has a solution. 

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It appears on the face of it you've tried your best to rectify this @caity1

You could try the following as a last resort.

Open Settings.


Choose Samsung Pass.

If it does not show then tap on the icon next to 'your apps' and toggle on Show System Apps and tap OK at the bottom.

Then scroll down to Samsung Pass.


First try Clearing Cache.

If that does not work then Clear Data. 


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