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S22 Ultra Phone Book not synching with my car after updates

(Topic created on: 19-12-2022 03:31 AM)
S22 Ultra Synch issu
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Recently I got the updates and my phone (which was working perfectly) has been acting up quite badly.

1st issue - Camera stop working as it asking for some permission.  Solution.. RESET settings for ALL APPLICATIONS. This fixed the camera issue and generated other issues as every time I launch an app, I need to First " Allow" before I can use it. Basically go through the process for every app I have on the phone.  Pretty annoying. 

2nd Issue - Big one. My address book  is not synching with my Alfa Romeo (2018)  via bluetooth connection.  I can make the calls, listen to the music, but address book will not synch.  I have checked my bluetooth settings on both the phone and the vehicle.. Permissions are setup correctly on both. 

USB connection works fine  via Android App.  NO issues at all. 

Any help is welcomed and thanks in Advance