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S22 Ultra Freeze and restart ## One ui 6 update ## Screen line

(Topic created on: 30-01-2024 04:33 PM)
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Recently, I updated my phone to One UI 6. After 5 days, the problem started with freezing and automatic restarts. Initially, it occurred once an hour, then on the second day, it happened more than 5 times in an hour. Additionally, the screen displayed lines in various shapes when the phone froze, even without using any apps. I went through every troubleshooting process recommended by the support team, such as the screen test using the *#0*# code (which showed no screen issues) and performing a wipe cache partition and factory reset.

After the reset, the phone started restarting automatically again after a few minutes, although the lines didn't appear this time. So, the next day, I booked a repair with Samsung online since there were no Samsung centers in Ireland. Upon checking Samsung's repair sites, it directed me to the Fonefix store in Ireland, where they informed me that they could service it for free since it's under warranty.

The technician suggested changing the main board of the phone after seeing attached pictures, but since they didn't have the parts available, I didn't proceed immediately. However, after receiving another update on the same day from One UI, the phone hasn't shown any problems for the last 24 hours.

Should I wait for the problems to reappear, or should I change my board straight away since I only have 8 more months left in the warranty?

Any fixes? My s22 started reboot looping on Sunday evening, wifi turned off first then when turning it back on, the looping started. I also updated to OUI 6.1 around Friday
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Having the same issue and is getting worse and worse. Started by clearing the cache on all apps, then the partition cache, then deleting files to add more storage, then a factory reset, and yesterday did a system flash. Nothing has helped. Things get a little better after each fix but then starts to have more issues freezing and restarting. I often get messages saying "system UI not responding" or "process system not responding". Has basically made a very expensive, less than 2 year old phone, useless. Super frustrating that Samsung is not providing info on this, or a fix. 


You started this topic late January but it's now Late JUne and unfortunatly my S22 Ultra (512Gb) just over 2 year old has started this Freezing then rebooting..... I'm a tech and thought it might be app related so deleted none essential apps, slight improvment i believed but still happens, ininstalled major apps like firefox and tictok (large cache apps) little diffrence.......  The phone is not over heating or low on power.... The issue seems to be software related as the intervals are random and not linked to one specific function from third party apps which leaves me believing it's OS/ or UI linked.........


I will update if I find a cause.... I just can't afford to replace a £1500 phone with another £1500 phone....

Samsung need to help isolate the cause with some suggestions......

Ahsun Iqbal
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I had the same issue, but then I updated my phone to One UI 6.1, it's been 3 days since then it didn't get restarted