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S22 poor performance

(Topic created on: 14-05-2022 11:54 PM)
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I have owned a number samsung mobiles over the last decade, and been really pleased with the quality to date, however I'm really disappointed with the S22.  When operating it is veey good, but then mobile data drops randomly (when abroad). I don't mean poor signal, the phone just doesn't use mobile data even though its on. Then works after its been restarted.  Also, phone quality dips at times, with next to no sound.  Has required 3 or 4 software updates in only 2 weeks, which indicates lots of items need corrected.

Just not reliable, which is very disappointing.  If your s10 or other model is working well, then do not upgrade until they get something that works!


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Hi @Brian-hoops67 


I hope you are well.  👍

Just to respond to a few of your points if i may. :smiling-face:

" but then mobile data drops randomly (when abroad "  This maybe due to the network your latching to when roaming abroad having it's own cell mast / network issues. Try manually changing network in the phone's connection settings to see if this helps. Check with your home Network in regards to your roaming particulars of your tariff. Unfortunately a network cannot guarantee the quality of connection / data speeds when a person is roaming abroad as they have no access to that Network's infrastructure.

" Also, phone quality dips at times, with next to no sound. " I've seen this issue raised before with some Samsung phone's. Try using the phone's diagnostic tools in the Samsung Members App please. Also try Safe Mode to see if an app etc is causing conflict. A Samsung Service Centre can check out the phone.

 " Has required 3 or 4 software updates in only 2 weeks, which indicates lots of items need corrected." The phone is new so will typically receive software updates and security updates pretty frequently and Depending on how long your phone has been sat in the box it'll be catching up. Samsung is committed to keeping their phone's updated. If and when people send feedback via their Samsung Members App on issues / bugs there experiencing then if warranted Samsung will send out a patch to help combat said issues / bugs. I personally find this a positive commitment by Samsung. Security patches are vital to the phone too.

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