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S22 GPS geolocation not working in background

(Topic created on: 01-09-2022 12:04 PM)
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Galaxy S22 Series

I have an S22 and been experiencing  issues with the Sensibo app geolocation feature.

The app should trigger actions based on the location of the phone, but it fails when the app is in the background. I've configured the app with the following options:

• Granted all location permissions: Allow always / allow precise location

• Allow background data use

• Allow unrestricted battery use

In the Samsung system settings:

• Location settings: Turned on precise location / turned on WiFi scanning / turned on Bluetooth scanning

• Battery & device care: Turned off power saving mode / turned off put unused apps to sleep / turned off adaptive battery / turned off adaptive power saving / turned off auto optimise daily

I also emailed the developer and they tested the issue and nailed it to a Samsung S22 problem. I also tested on an S9 and same issue, but developer thinks is a Samsung problem.

The app used to work well on the S9 with previous versions of the OS, but now it is not working. 

Seems that the geolocation is queried too sporadically, so it seems to be related to battery / sleeping app.

The app geolocation works when it is brought to the foreground.

Any ideas?


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Galaxy S22 Series

It sounds more like an app issue with latest OS considering all you've done to make it work