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One ui 5 and future updates into rant :)

(Topic created on: 12-08-2022 08:21 PM)
Three things that are gonna have to grow on me regarding one ui 5.0:

1. The notification panel, looks not as sleek as before but also looks pretty uniformed. 

2. The boring menu in the notifications settings menu and bixby routines ( but I like the image of your phone ).

3. The system notifications at the bottom, it again doesn't look like the sleek Samsung it used to, ie the boring stock android. I picked a Samsung so it wouldn't look like the bland stock android.... i would have preferred it if it stayed the exact same on one ui 4 but the text followed material you.

And a few hopes for one ui major updates ( future updates ) .

1. Ingergration of the unit good lock sections into the settings so it isnt region locked ( the small good lock team merged with the one ui team), to rival xaomi launcher and others, making it a lag free experience because at this point samsung should have seen the success of goodlock and it not being an experiment anymore, imagine how much more successful it would be if it was put right in front of consumers eyes to play with. 

2. Smoother animations ( opening camera and closing heavy games, basically the fluidity of iphone with the cleaner samsung animations ) even on budget phones - is a must because half of samsungs sales are budget phones. 

3. Integration of nova launcher ( homescreen only ie the widget placements and icon placements through file saves - .novabackup ) with home up > backup section in good lock - when unit section ( hopefully ) added into one ui.

4. Finally, a better finder to rival apples as currently it can't query searches with samsung internet. 

In which case it may be a good idea into looking into acquiring the metrics company branch alongside seaseme search ( for finder ) and nova launcher killing two birds with one stone which will benefit both companies.

- Samsung getting more options ( especially to keep their lead in smartphones ) availability and resources ( all of nova launcher users as gestures would be available to anyone throught impoting .novabackup file saves directly into home up ) to work with and branch getting all the data they need in which case I wouldn't mind as long as we get more features to again take lead in the smartphone customization market, especially as apple catches up.

Finally I know somethings may change back since its only on beta 1 but so far we can't trust samsung unless everyone yells at them to do something and even then its not likely - why did they remove the watch classic? A fan favourite, and not just release it beside them all. They may for the watch 6 series but no rumours as of yet. doesn't matter if it had durability flaws or a smaller battery people wanted it. Or the removal of mst on samsung pay, and their bizare cut to the reward point system of samsung pay. Their advantages in terms of mobile payment are gone and even in the uk a popular bank, natwest isn't supported with samsung pay which o ky means less users who move to google pay, the while point of creating samsung pay, galaxy store, bixby etc was to be a competitor to google to not rely so much on them yet are giving google users. 

They keep making mistakes whether that's due to their corruption internally or something else, since 2016, the exploding note their employees have severely stunted the growth of samsung or their decision for the average wage to be 144 million won vs tsmc 95 million won even though tsmc is clearly more advanced so what exactly is up samsung? With South Korea being in of the smartest countries in the world I expect better especially with the potential they have. 

Sorry for the rant but I hope one more opinion will affect the opinions of others to create a chain reaction and hopefully get to samsung. I love their products and hope for the improvements for me to spend on as a consumer. 
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As you mentioned @InnocentForce Beta software can change as it goes along it's various stages.

This is helped along with people on the Beta Programme sending feedback via the recognised route.

However thank you for sharing your thoughts here on the forum too 👍

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Welcome to beta. This is exactly what beta is. S10 on beta was the same. Windows 11 beta was the same and still is the same. The name beta kind of gives it away
Samsung not delivery of UI5 to UK is the Master Beta fail.