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Full reset after beta

(Topic created on: 07-11-2022 03:25 PM)
Galaxy S22 Series
Anyone else who did beta, sub encyclopedia have to do a full reset recently?

I found d most of my apps were giving g jip, and not loading g or crashing all the time.... Inc loads of Google apps, a d my bank app.... no one messes with the bank app!

All sorted now.

When doing g a full reset to back up EVERYTHING, and that way restartingng ain't so painful.

I wo fired why I sailed thro beta testing. I think then drip n drab updates messed things up.

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Have been using phones since 1993, and am self taught.

I offer advice for free, cos I think it'll help, if it doesn't, explain why, I might learn something new too.

Current phone Galaxy S22 Ultra
Previous phones: most S series, Note 2, Samsung Alpha, iPhone 3gs, far too many Nokia's!