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For anyone facing the issue with media output music player not going away

(Topic created on: 28-10-2023 02:52 PM)
So I found this solution by another user and will try to paste it including the user as it worked for me


‎04-07-2023 06:51 AM (Last edited ‎04-07-2023 06:53 AM ) in 

Galaxy S21

I did find a 'solution'. Stops player from coming back once you swipe it away, though it will pop up again when you use Spotify (you just swipe it away again). I don't think there's a way to permanently stop it from popping up....I blocked notifications from Spotify in every way imaginable and the player still comes back after using Spotify. BUT, this 'solution' will KEEP it from coming back if you DON'T use spotify - like I said, if you use it, swipe it away or long-press the player to remove it.

You need to use Nova Launcher, which is a home screen replacement that works great. Gives you a lot more functionality than the stock home screen. You can download it on Play Store.

I have OS13 on my z flip 4. Not sure if this works for previous OS.

When you have the Launcher installed, 

-go to your home screen, in a blank area long press until you see 'Widgets' pop up, among other things (Wallpapers, Settings). Open Widgets - you may have to swipe up to open it. 

-You'll see a bunch of widgets displayed, usually in alphabetical order. go to the 'Activity' widget and long-press the icon. You can now move the it on a blank area of your home screen.

-You'll be transported to a long list of drop down items.....scroll down to 'Settings' and click on it.

-this opens another long list of drop down items, in alphabetical order. Scroll down to 'Media' and tap it.

-this takes you back to the home screen. You now should have a 'Media' icon on your screen. Tap it.

-mine has two selections, 'Pin media player', and 'Show media recommendations'. I turned off both, but the 'Pin media player' is the one you obviously want.

Once you do that your media player should stop popping up all the time, EXCEPT when you use Spotify - then you just swipe/long press it away. 

Hope this helps.