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Customer service issues (relating to S22 Ultra issues)...

(Topic created on: 18-03-2022 10:31 AM)

Has anyone got any advice they can offer me - ever since I recieved my S22 Ultra there has been some pretty significant screen flickering going on; I knew this was an issue Samsung were working on so I patiently awaited an update.

Add to the flickering screen, I haven't been able to use a wired source for audio connectivity at all (I've tried different USBC adapters... still nada).

Anyway, last week, having tried everything I could through trawling the Internet to remedy the issues, I finally reached to customer services via chat. I was told that, due to the multiple issues, I could replace my handset with a new one - please hold whilst I was transferred to the right department. I then recieved a prompt that I was 30,196 in the queue and the estimated waiting time was nearly 18 hours. I called back the next day.

When I called back I was given some things to try, including another update, which, if anything, made things worse. I was told to give it a few days and call back if it didn't improve. It didn't.

I called back, again, and was asked when I purchased the phone. I told them I preordered it on the 11th February and recieved it on the... before I could finish I was told that I only had 28 days from purchase in which to change my mind or return an item, and it had been 34 days since I preordered it, sorry. Sorry, WTF!!!

I called back again and was on the phone for over an hour and a half. This time I was told that I could send it back and, once recieved in an acceptable condition, I would have a replacement handset sent out within another 7-10days!!! The only way of avoiding being without a phone for this time was to purchase another one and send it back for a refund within the 28 days. Not a bloody chance!

I then requested to speak to a manager, but after another 10-15 minutes on hold I gave up, defeated.

Is this really the level of customer support Samsung offer? My last 5 phones, bar one, 3 TVs, and a watch have all been Samsung - I'm strongly feeing that I'm supporting the wrong brand.


Sorry for the long rant.

Helping Hand
No I didn't do factory reset, what i did actually i tried to do reboot by pressing volume down and the power button together. Normally solves minor issues if you reboot this way. Instead of factory reset.

I’d be frustrated too. But since the hard reset didn’t work, I think you need to do the factory reset and see where things are at. Phones aren’t user serviceable so I don’t think there are any quick fixes if these options don’t work. I assume this is happening whether it’s receiving external power (plugged in) or not receiving any external power?


I did ALLL of that including the factory reset. With my BRAND NEW S22 + phone. 

Customer service was helpful though, and I just got my replacement phone today. has the same problem. I actually want to cry. The camera was the ENTIRE reason I bought this phone. I hate how heavy and big it is, but I thought it would be worth it for the phone. 

I'm going to call them tomorrow and see what they will do. I'm about to just go back to my S10.