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Bluetooth in Car Works for Phone Calls Not Audio in JVC Car Stereo

(Topic created on: 23-06-2022 02:09 PM)

After a few seconds of being connected in BT, the car stereo dispay changes to "disconnected" but the bluetooth connection indicator shows it is still connected and the phone shows connected as well.

In spite of this, I can make and receive phone calls through the car stereo, but when I play music through the BT connection, the music appears to play on the phone, but no sound comes through the stereo. 

I've factory reset the JVC and deleted the connection from my phone, and reconnected. Same thing happens. 

Any suggestions?

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Help! I am now having the same problem. And it just started I mean one minute I was listening to my Bluetooth my YouTube on Bluetooth and the next minute it says it's playing it's already connected but there's no sound coming out and yet I can make phone calls all day. So what exactly did you do because I don't have Spotify or Pandora on my on my radio all I have is a satellite setting and I don't have any satellite

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I am having basically the same problem.

I just got a galaxy phone & I've had a JVC stereo in my car for a few years. Tried to connect the phone & am having basically the same problem. The stereo claims to be disconnected, but the phone claims to be connected for phone calls only. I tried hitting the slider to enable audio, but it won't let me. I can place calls through the stereo (though I have to initiate it manually on the phone, which completely defeats the purpose), but if I receive a call it won't do that through the stereo.

For music, I almost exclusively use Spotify. I tried using the Spotify & BT audio modes on the stereo. Tried disconnecting & reconnecting multiple times. Tried unpairing & repairing. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling Android Auto. Tried restarting the phone & the stereo. Nothing has worked.