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Auto ringtone revert to Samsung S22+

(Topic created on: 11-03-2023 11:23 AM)
Galaxy S22 Series
Hi peeps, I have upgraded from S20FE5g, to S22+5g, and since setting up my phone, the ringtone keeps reverting to Samsung Galaxy Bells, despite assigning a different ringtone that I have tried in various formats, MP4, MP3, Wav, etc, which it allows me to do, but reverts immediately to Samsung default, I have noticed other people reporting the same problem.
My phone will recognise Artist songs in my Soundpicker library, and add no problem, will play highlights or full song once added, but then disappears.
I have tried resetting the phone, which is a pain because everything doesn't save via Smartswitch app, so yet another chore to sort, am getting really fed up now, as I am no newbie to Tech problems on Samsung, but this one is stumping me, if am brutally honest I should have stuck with my S20,FE as it seems to be less "glitchy" than this S22+, any advice would be appreciated, my next problem, is Messenger not ringing on assigned ringtone, only vibrate, not sure if they are connected, only option now is Samsung Remote Support, which will probably result in phone going back, with no spare phone being provided, am sooo disappointed with this product.
Thanks peeps