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Adaptive refresh-rate lag in video streaming S22 Ultra (Exynos).

(Topic created on: 02-02-2023 09:06 AM)

Hi all,


I know this was a known "bug" about year ago, that streaming video media was laggy and stuttering (FPS drops) when the adaptive refresh rate turned on under motion smoothness in settings. It is the most noticeable when playing high resolution 4K HEVC video on all video players, even with hardware encoding enabled. Switching the phone to static 60hz eventually eliminates the lag problem, but I guess this shouldn`t be the right solution to make such a compromise like this for a flagship phone... 

Another thing is that I have become aware of this anomaly not long ago with the latest Android 13 including the current 1 January 2023 update. I did a fresh clean install back in late October, so I`m quite sure this error is not coming from any malfunctions of the earlier Android version but might be one of the updates could cause it however, this is just my guessing.

I also can confirm that this bug occurs on my wife`s S22 Ultra phone as well (same Android version and update), exactly the same symptoms so we are quite sure that something is definitely not right in the current operating system we use, as this video playback lag happens in safe mode as well, therefore not the third party apps are the source  of the problem. Another interesting thing is, that when I asked other people in another forum who has this same mobile phone, they don`t have any lag issues at all when adaptive refresh rate turned on. Very weird.

Samsung, please investigate this, and issue an update please so I can finally use my phone`s all features with full of consistency. Thank you.

I have already contacted the Samsung`s support team in Samsung Members app and sent my system info as well, so hopefully someone is going to look into this. 

I`m very disappointed after one year of this phone`s released, and I still have to struggle with such issues like this.




First Poster

It's the refresh rate that goes down to 24Hz. Installing "Galaxy MaxHz" on my Galaxy S23 fixed the issue for me. I use app-specific settings : 60Hz for all video playing apps.