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Has Samsung messed up ?

(Topic created on: 11-12-2022 08:31 PM)
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Hi guys.

Those on Android 13 One UI 5.

Do you thing samsung has messed it up?

Dark mode and wqhd now seems to give me bad battery life. 
Hardly make it to 5 hours SOT sometimes.

Just switched to fhd and light mode and it's more decent.

Now I don't need and battery saving ideas as I know them all.

The purpose of the post is just to find out if you have found a difference in battery life.

I feel it now since I have always used wqhd with not much difference before.

Also I have found that COD plays better on fhd then on wqhd.

Let me know your thoughts. 
I have not had any problems with dark mode in One UI 5..I was a beta tester also. In fact my phone is great. ( S22 5G)
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Same, feels they same, if anything it's snappier than Android 12
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Dont know if youve tried this, but have you tried clearing the Partition Cache on the phone?
Regular restarting of the phone will help as well. You can set this up in settings to auto restart.
Personally apart from the odd small issue. I've not had anything to worry about.
Thing is that I think Android 13 has some bugs still that need fixing. So saying it's Samsung that's messed up is a bit unfair
One UI 5 may have some bugs as well, but I personally don't have any with my S22 Ultra or Z Fold 4.
Funnily enough, the odd small issue I get with my phones, I have similar with my Pixel 7 Pro. Hence why I say Android 13 has bugs.
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@GoanGeek  In terms of battery life maybe a slight reduction but certainly nothing major and I use  WQHD  a lot,though not at all times.  Mind you I only use Dark Mode sparingly and game little on the device.

The only significant bug was that recently  music (mostly streaming services)would randomly stop on ocassions,clearing the cache partition seems to have sorted this out.


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One Ui 5.1,Android 13 .

Interesting, I have had poor battery performance on my S21 Ultra for a while now and it could be because of the issues you raised here. I will do some testing 🤞

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung iPhone user.

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