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Battery isn't the same after phone updated.

(Topic created on: 10-03-2023 06:26 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series
I was waiting for the march update to check if something would get better with my phone battery that is not holding charge as before the last OneUI update.

My husband has the same phone and model and it's happening with him as well.

Before the update, I had to charge my phone only once during the day and once during the night. However, after the update, I'm having to charge twice during the day. 

I already check the battery life if it's in good condition and yes the problem isn't it.

There is anyone else going through the same problem?

Thanks 😊 
Big Cheese
Galaxy S21 Series
How many vampire apps do you have ??

I can get 3 days. But it comes with a price.
Wifi and Bluetooth if not used turn them off. Dark mode and extra dim.turn off adaptive lighting and set it so you are comfortable with. Now vampire app like meta/Facebook, intragram and Spotify and many more are designed to eat evey bit of battery power.
Finally have you cleared your phones cache as this will help with getting rid of some phone clutter.
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Galaxy S21 Series

I'm having EXACTLY the same problem on both my phone and my wife's.

Battery life used to be absolutely fine - lasting a full day no problem. As soon as I updated (OneUI 5.1), battery life has been absolutely destroyed - down to about 20% by midday. Literally nothing else has changed, and it's the same on both phones.

I do hope this wasn't an intentional feature by Samsung to cripple existing devices and force people to buy new ones. It's not a battery issue, it's very clearly a software update issue - no other additional apps installed and the change in battery life happened literally overnight at exactly the same time as the update. Is there any way to roll back? 

Galaxy S21 Series
I always do partition cache wipe and repair apps after every software update,and I still get good battery.
Maybe not as good as before one UI 5.1 but still easily all day battery
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Galaxy S21 Series
Guys make sure apps are updated in both Google and Samsung store after the one ui 5.1 update.

Also download Good guardians from Samsung store and optimise the apps.

With One UI 5.1 keep everything adaptive or on auto and never close your background apps .
The phone will perform better.