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S20 FE 5G - Data Connectivity issues

(Topic created on: 13-12-2022 10:41 AM)

Hi All,
So I've got this little problem with my S20 FE 5G whereby data connectivity keeps on dropping and I'm forced to either wake the device or switch "Flight Mode" On/Off to restore.
Just thought I'd ask the community before I started any returns processes.

Issue 1
At home I'm in a poor signal area and as I get into my car in a morning my phone might have zero signal. Driving along and the car is indicating there is still no signal. My phone has obviously locked, screen is blank. If I reach down and just wake the device, literally just tap the power button once, screen comes on and suddenly I'm on full signal.
The phone doesn't seem to pick up the fact I've moved from a low/no signal area into an area with plenty of signal without me having to wake the phone up.

Issue 2
Recently out and about and stuck on public transport. Everyone around me on their phone, so I pick mine out of my pocket. Phone is showing I have signal, however every app is failing to connect to anything. Web browser cannot connect. I'm on EE here in the UK and generally speaking there are only rarely network issues to that extent.
Switched "Flight Mode" on/off - mobile reconnected to data and suddenly I'm able to browse, access apps etc.
This has happened to me a number of times now (also when I was still on Vodafone with the same device).
Initially thought it was a "crowded area" issue - as noticed it at a football match and a gig. But now I can be in lightly populated areas and I'm forced to effectively disconnect & reconnect data for it to start working again.

Phone is running Android 13 (However had the issue with Android 12 too) - November security updates.

Does this sound like a potential fault with the phone? More likely to be network? Or something else?

Marieke van Elst

reset your network settings

Same mate, sometimes the speeds drop so much and only flight mode on and off does anything