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Music won'r stop playing over BlueTooth

(Topic created on: 08-09-2023 11:24 AM)

S20FE  runn8ing Android  13   and OneUI 5.1

I use VLC for example to play audio over BT to my car, or other BT device.

However, I also use BT Plantronics headset for business calls.

An issue has occurred where as soon as I put headset on, it starts playing music from my phone - I can't cancel, there is no active app to close.

I can go to the alert/notifications screen (drag down from top bar - see pic)   .... and see that it is playing, I can't quit that.

I can press pause, but as soon as I go to any other screen on phone it starts playing again

How can I stop this 'autoplay'   its really annoying

I have switched BT on an off, rebooted phone - makes noi difference.


Screenshot_20230908_111624_One UI Home.jpg