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Microphone Issue when using Samsung Camera

(Topic created on: 09-03-2024 09:00 PM)

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help.

I've just purchased a refurbished Samsung S20 Ultra, and I have ran into an issue with the Microphone on the Camera App.

When recording a video, the microphone detects my voice and other sounds around it, but it also picks up a static noise, with sort of beeping noises? When I speak, it fades, but then starts again when I'm quiet. It's also very noticeable when re-watching videos. I put my JBL earphones in and tried to speak and record a video, but still then I encountered the same issue. I noticed I could hear it predominantly in my LEFT earphone, rather than my right. I feel like it's software rather than hardware, but I am not 'clued up' on phones.

I have tested the microphone on Samsung's Voice Recorder app, and it's crystal clear, with no issues.

I have attached a video of me banging on a glass, you can hear the noise in this video. Wearing headphones, you can hear it through the Left speaker, but not the right!?

Please could someone help me, as I bought this phone to record videos and use the camera, and it's driving me insane!

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We will need to wait until your attachment is checked by the Samsung Community Team before it's allowed @Members_Ku4qy5L 

I note you say the phone is " refurbished  " which leads me to maybe consider the phone is faulty in some way 🤔 

In the meantime please also send your feedback via your Samsung Members App too. 

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