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Latest (07/21)Software update

(Topic created on: 12-07-2021 11:10 PM)
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Well done Samsung, following tidays update to the software you have successfully made it more difficult to read the scteen in apications.  The background colours and text colours have chsnged making it duifficult for someone with impaired vision to see. Have tried them all and they are just not suitable. Tbe change to the keybosrd is practically impossible and the vibration when using tbe keyboard is just irritating.

Why didnt someone stop and think sbout this??

Cant change the phone because of contract.

This is an own gosl..just shocking.
Hi mate, for keyboard, download app swiftkey pad, brilliant, you can customise it and its much better and easier to use
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In the interim perhaps look at Samsung Goodlock and launchers such as Nova Prime.

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Thanks yes I know I can make changes, but why should I need to do this when I had already set up as I needed to use the phone successfully.
Samsung in downloading the update have changed the personal settings. Why should I have to spend time finding where I access these changes to put them back as they were so I can effectively use the phone. Totally unnecessary.
This has to be sloppy decision with no thought for the user.
I am not a geek knowing where all the changes need to be made to put back to where they were.
My point is having got the phone set up to a usable level that I was satisfied with, why should I, because if an update have to do it all again.
The change of size and colours really have a serious effect.
This is not a fun things not being able to see clearly just because somebody 'had a better idea' on how it should look is inconsiderate and frankly unnecessary. No thought for the user, who should not have to do this time and time again. It is unacceptable.