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Bluetooth can't connect with Win 10 laptop although paired

(Topic created on: 16-10-2021 01:34 PM)

Hiya, subject of this post basically. Even though I have paired my Dell Win 10 laptop with my S20 FE 5G via BT but when I try to connect by tapping on the paired device name from mobile BT settings, it says can't connect 😞 Any known fix to this?


What program do you use on Windows to connect your phone as "input device" or for file transfers? Are you using some 3rd-party bluetooth app? That might be interfering with the Windows phone link app.

Try to remove all bluetooth software and delete the phone from the Windows bluetooth device list (unpair/forget) and delete your laptop from the phone's bluetooth device list. Then pair the phone through the Windows phone link app (follow the wizard); the phone should connect to your laptop "for calls" (like a hands-free device) and that's all you need to get the phone link app working properly (e.g. making calls from your laptop). If the pairing for calls doesn't work, make sure "focus assist" is off in Windows!

The other bluetooth functions (file transfer, input device) should work independently of the hands-free (voice calls) connection, but if you use 3rd-party tools for it, they might interfere. File transfer over bluetooth is trash anyway and the phone link app has no file transfer mode. Instead, use "MyPhoneExplorer" - that's by far the best tool to access/transfer files from the phone over Wifi.

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I am not using any programs nor any 3rd-party apps to turn my computer into an input device but the other way around. Let me try to write this in a better way since I was heated and frustrated last time.

Up until last month, I've been using my phone as a keyboard that I connect to my computer via bluetooth. Until recently when the problem arised that I can't use my phone as an input device because it won't connect with my computer.

I did what you said and the problem is still persisting: I searched through my computer apps to see of there were any apps that use bluetooth but I didn't noticed any (there's a chance I could've missed one that didn't stick out), I let my phone link wizard try to connect them both together but no luck and lastly, I am on Windows 11 which has "focus assist" but you can toggle on and off with a timer now. (I double checked to make sure and it's off by default)

Also, I think I may have found the problem but I am not 100% sure..


 My theory is that my computer might be blocking my phone as an input device or something but still connects to it for receiving/sending files because both devices are able to receive/send files to each other with no problem. BUT whenever I tap the "connect" button, all of the switches flip on until both the "calls" and "audio" switches flip to off leaving the "input device" switch to stay on during the connecting attempt that ultimately fails.

I'm going to try and go through all my computer apps one by one to thoroughly check if they are using bluetooth. I'll report back if I find anything. 

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I had the same problem. I found a solution. I went into windows phone link on my PC and removed all the previous devices. It then said that the app would be reset. It then gave me a QR code for the phone to use. After that set up Phone Link for both devices bluetooth allowed calls.