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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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Been on the upgrade programme since launch.

Was a nightmare last year but seems like it's worse this year.

Klarna claim the problem is resolved even though it hasn't and I am still waiting for some sort of communication from Samsung or Klarna been almost two weeks now.

I think I have decided I will never purchase a Samsung product again it seriously is not worth all this time and effort.

Other manufacturers offer as good of a product with 100x better customer service.

Slightly off topic although still related. Decided i might like to order a case for the Ultra but the one i want is showing as "get stock alert" - no worries, that's ok so registered my email address. 10 mins later, received 2 emails, minutes apart, saying item was back in stock. It's not. 

Just another example of how amateur things appear to be with all things Samsung  website related. I know it's first world problems, but it is very poor customer service.  

50% off voucher in samsung members app for cases 😃. I pre ordered mine at weekend. 

New update,

Just had a huge conversation with Klarna. Apparently they refused my application because my credit rating is not good enough? I stated that I get accepted with new applications and this through the caller off totally.

I think they are just telling customers with Declined credit that the refusal is from there credit checks etc...strange given I have an over 950+ credit rating.

If your getting declined credit please leave it



I wouldn't waste any more time with Klarna.  When I spoke with them through chat, they claimed that if I contacted Transunion, they would be able to provide me with the exact reason for the decline.  Of course, that is nonsense considering Transunion is just the record keeper, not the borrower who makes the decision (Klarna).  They also can't see any rejections from their end and just hide behind "it's an automated system, so it's not our fault" vibe.  Everything has just been copied and pasted statements to get you off the chat as quickly as possible.  They have no intention and no interest in helping out with the mess they have made (I'm still waiting on the mystical 'specialist team').


Will actively avoid Klarna at all costs going forward.  They are a terrible business to deal with and Samsung has really let their core fans down.  Won't be upgrading through other means, want to get off this program as quickly as I can now. 


I have lost a lot of respect for Samsung.


I spoke to Klarna, the first time she just said try again in two weeks, Second time they put me through to the Samsung crisis team lol
He blamed Call Credit. ( TransUnion) credit agency and to contact them as to why Klarna declined me. - what tickles me is that I now have a pending direct debit in my bank account even though declined twice......


If you call transunion they tell you to goto the CALL CREDIT website.... which no longer works.....
all seems rather dodgy to me..




Yeh Call Credit was acquired by Transunion and rebranded as such.  No idea why they are asking you to contact them.  Funnily enough, Klarna also told me to contact Call Credit.  It's crazy how amatuer this has all been.


I also have the DD set-up.


Klarna use Transunion as their credit checking agency.  You may have an experian credit score but that won't apply here.


Apply for a free account with credit Karma they give you access to your transunion credit history.


Pay attention to the search history in the report- credit companies do not  like to see too many hard searches  with in a six month period- that might be why they are declining your application.

You should only see one hard search from Klarna, any more than that then contact klarna. They assured people that if you had tried multiple times for the upgrade and failed there would only be one hard serach made against you by Klarna--- there would be multiple soft searches - but these do not impact your credit worthiness




If this affects my order I will not be pleased tinpot comes to mindIf this affects my order I will not be pleased tinpot comes to mind


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