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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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For everyone saying there going to iphone because there mad, watch this.

I've emailed klarna and asked them to remove all credit searches as I will no longer be upgrading, I'm glad my upgrade program is up next year as I wont be doing this again and going through the ***** samsung and Klarna have put some of us through, probably gonna go with another manufacturer as well.

Not everyone is mad because they are looking at moving to Apple, I will be looking at what the iPhone 12 delivers compared to the S20. So should everyone should put up with the s*it served up by Samsung and Klarna because there phone is new with a few nice features???? All the issues everyone on this community have had to endure will have an effect and will mean nice shiny phone or not people will only put up with so much. Just my onions 

Totally agree with you SteveJWard. More or less the same issues I had. I can't believe no one is accepting responsibility for all this and now it is sorted even more annoyed I can't get the phone until the 20th because of their failures!! Surely there should be some sort of compensation for deposits taken, three in my case, for nearly a week ??

All gone quite, I guess people have either got their order through or have not bothered.

Ordered Sunday, all went through ok apart from first choice phone colour not available, delivery date pushed back and a cash transaction fee charged for paying the deposit on a credit card with no warning given. So apart from that all fine!
Think what it would have been like if I wasn't a loyal upgrade customer 😉

I really wanted the ultra but have cancelled my order because they can't deliver until 20/03 but if there system wasn't shocking would have been getting it on release.

Yes I was thinking that although on Facebook it appears that people are still having problems one way or another. I've noticed I've got two possible delivery dates now my order acknowledgement says ships by the 20th and my account says ships by the 21st!? Klarna have emailed me back regarding my complaint and confirmed they are in talks with Samsung regarding some form of compensation. We shall see.... Just wondering how smoothly the trade in is going to be with my current phone and Samsung paying off Klarna. Last year was a bit of a mess they took a monthly payment for the new phone and the old phone as Samsung hadn't settled the old contract in time to stop two payments going through for whatever reason 🥺🤞

I got an email confirming the conversation i had with klana last Friday, plus the original orders deposit from Feb 13 is now back in my account. My order on the website has now moved to preparing dispatch as well.

I guess that'll be the next thing to wind people up, Samsung offering compensation to some people and not others.


Surely if ANYONE caught up in this gets anything from Samsung, as per the post above saying Klarna are discussing it with them, everyone caught up in this should be properly taken care of?

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