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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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#update...... checked both credit card accounts this morning and the pending payments have disappeared and both balances back to what they were before placing the order so I'm guessing non of them went through and I'll leave it a few more days before trying to order again. Still have 1 hard search and 10 soft searches from Klarna though on my credit report!


Still waiting for my numerous deposits to be released. First one taken a week ago!! Heard nothing more from Klarna since Tuesday who said they were going to escalate it to urgent and come back to me. No replies to my email either. Absolutely appalling service!!


Well done Samsung and Klarns, one succcessful order in a 1000 is good going, give yourselves a big round of applause....

I see there still isnt any stock.....the 8th March draws near, looks like they will have a warehouse full of boxes of earbuds :ok-hand:


Seems to me the best option would be to wait to see how it plays out, i bet when the hysteria of the pre-order has gone it will be an easy process


I don't know why this post was deleted, no reason was given, but I am going to repost it and will continue to do so I'm not breaking any rules.


Yeah I've personally been using Samsung phones primarily since the S2 and honestly this ordering process is a complete joke.

I know the mods and everyone here is trying to help and I appreciate that and these problems aren't their fault or responsiblity. Someone at Samsungs website/development/purchasing/whatever team needs to start taking a proper look at these problems. 2 years in a row 2 very bad launches in terms of the experience of buying a new phone, not really acceptable at Samsungs price point in my opinion. It should be fun and exciting, not lead to a week of hassle and stress all while being down hundreds of pounds.

The only reason Samsung isn't making absolutely sure this works seamlessly that I can think of; cost cutting. All of this is at the expense of the customer and when you are charging the largest premiums in the business that is simply not good enough.

Multiple credit checks, order data being mixed up and shared with other customers (including PII data), multiple deposits being taken that then take over a week to be returned and the credit agreement only works in one browser?! Seriously, no one tested that? Unless all of the above was tested, you knew it didn't work properly, didn't care and just wanted to sell phones with minimal cost which I think is the most likely scenario.

Sort this out Samsung, based on the very small sample of people in this thread that have abandoned buying a new phone because of this frankly dismal process, there will likely be 1000s more that haven't posted here but are having exactly the same experience.

Next year I personally won't be rushing to pre order I'll wait and see if similar problems occur in the ordering process and if they do I won't be back, I'll look elsewhere. I've had phones from other premium smartphone vendors before and honestly I've never seen anything like this.


Hi @Brad2607 , I've just checked. No rules broken - just the multiple edits in a short space of time caused your original post to be re-routed into our Spam Quarantine area.


This same thing is happening with my friend who is trying to order using flexifi in ireland, she has tried 3 times and 95euro has been deducted each time and so got no order processed, samsung clearly have an issue with there online shop


Just ordered S20 Ultra in grey 128gb, no problem on pc, edge browser. UK


I just ordered the Galaxy S20 ultra 5G in black. I was on a desktop with Win 10 and Edge. Finally....


Order confimration recevied instantly. 


Cheers @Adamw969 ! :smiling-face:


I was just about to PM you and @AidenC , @gazlad9 , @Matncharlie , and @Ringo1104 that the S20 Ultra 128GB should be back in stock today.


I've just ordered through my phone, although the delivery date is the 21st of March

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