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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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@AdamCollins wrote:

@duvetcapeman  what browser did you use?


Same here only one hard searching and few soft credit score excellent order placed I'm waiting 10.03.2020

@duvetcapeman People are having success using the edge browser, you could try that


My order was successful using edge on win10 pc, placed order on 17th. 

I also found out from my credit card company, that having paid the deposit my card, it comes through as a cash transaction, so incurs a cash withdrawal fee of 4%, about £4, and then accrues interest on a daily bases until you pay your credit card bill. 


I don't remember if this happened as well on last year's upgrade. 


So if you planning to pay by credit card, you might want to check with your provider how they will process it, alternatively use a bank debit card. 

I prevented the interest accruing by ringing up my credit card company and paying off the deposit and the cash fee. 


I suppose the question everyone needs to ask is all this hassle worth it to have the S20+ or Ultra.


I mean hard searches, soft searches, multiple deposits, declined credit, phone now out of stock, orders not completing due to Crapna and Samsungs internal processes not working due to lack of either testing or resources.


I mean lets face it they will release another one next year maybe the S21 and the same sh*t will ensue, there are other compoanies delivering just as good tech as Samsung without all the hassle and just s*****g on longstanding and newly signed up upgrade programme customers.


As much as consumers hate Apple and its restrictions regarding its  IOS i would say when the 5G version hits later this year  a lot of Samsung users will be seeing the light.....just my onions


Just had my [phonecall frpom Klarna very apologetic, advised her that i wont be upgrading and will not be dealing with Klarna or Samsung ever again. I explained that the upgrade programme is now not fit for purpose and upgrade customers were sold a false promise of the new phone after 12 months....she said she never looked at it like that and now understand why people are mad., i have 1 hard search which they wont remove but at this moment i dont give a s**t


I advised i have now paid off my exisiting credit so the phone is now mine, and i will waiting to see what Apple delivers with a 5G phone later this year, and sold her it might be best to phone someone who wants to upgrade and pre-order the new phone as i am no longer interested.


Hope you all get it sorted 


Despite all the issues with the S20 ordering process, I will still stick to Samsung. I got bored of Apple's iOS when I did have an iPhone. However, the only thing I do like about the iPhone is the camera quality.


It is frustrating though to have experienced this situation with the S20 and no doubt further website testing should have been carried out before launching. I just hope that both Samsung and Klarna learn from this error and are able to provide a smoother and more efficient service in the future.


I would like to say thanks to the Samsung Community Team for helping us with our issues. It's easy to get angry and frustrated but at the end of the day, you have to think they are people too and trying their best to help everyone.


yamyam67, why won't they remove your hard search? Was it not made in an error? 


@KasK  Yes it was, but she said cause i tried to upgrade they completed a hard search, but to be honest i just want to be as far away from them as will stay there for 12 months and can be up to years but just as long as i keep other parts of my credit history good fingers crossed it wont affect me.


All the trying and getting excuses from Klarna isnt worth the hassle


@yamyam67 They are absolute jokes. Don't stop, protest. Sue them. Report them to Ombudsman, don't take a "we cant remove this, sorry" as an answer. A hard search made in error, is a different story.

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